#7. Use bubble wrap for floating flowers. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks

13 Tips On How To Arrange Flowers Like A Pro

Floating Flower Tip - Most flowers float pretty well on their own until they start to pool with water and slowly sink. For a longer lasting centerpiece, use bubble wrap to make little skirts for your flowers.

Repisa flotante #diy

Make any slab of wood a floating shelf with a tough and invisible custom floating shelf bracket from silicate studio. Works especially well with reclaimed wood.

#6. Add farmhouse style to kitchen by replacing cabinet drawers with these old wooden crates.

15 Insanely Cool Ideas for Storing Fresh Produce

Storing fresh produce correctly and safely is also a great way to save your money and food. Tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions and other non-refrigerated foods

Wild Salt Spirit: love

Let’s talk about Indoor Plants. I will admit that I have had many a challenges with keeping them alive…from the Ficus Tree that I brought into the bathroom every time I took a shower so it can feel like it was in the Tropics…to the Countless Zebra Plants

Un touret de cable découpé et transformé en console

DIY Spool Console - I've never been crazy about the full spool look, but I AM kinda diggin' this half spool.

Pour redonner leur blancheur aux vêtements qui ont viré au gris ou au jaune, lavez-les normalement puis faites-les tremper dans une bassine d'eau additionnée de 2 ou 3 sachets de levure chimique (20 à 30 grammes) pendant quelques heures ou toute une nuit. Rincez les vêtements, essorez et faites sécher normalement.

Redonner la blancheur aux vêtements blancs

mon ampersand: DIY : la cafetière Farm Leaving

mon ampersand: DIY : la cafetière Farm Leaving love the decorated Moka!

Jolie fille avec des cheveux mi-longs

Coupe de cheveux - 78 idées pour faire le bon choix - Archzine.fr

Est-ce que le savon noir est difficile à trouver ?

16 Utilisations du Savon Noir Que Tout le Monde Devrait Connaître.

17 astuces pour les petites salles de bain (PHOTOS)

Bathroom Design Collections: 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions - Want to be able to easily find clippers, tweezers and bobby pins? Why not just attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet door?

Art Keepsake de douche de bébé éléphant tenant par mylovebubble

Baby Shower guest book, Keepsake art, elephant holding fingerprint balloons, nursery art, baby decor,custom art, baby shower activity, print

Baby Shower Keepsake art elephant holding by mylovebubble on Etsy -make with each balloon a family member fingerprint