Double Chocolate Banana Bread- perfect to use up the bananas in my basket :)

Double Chocolate Banana Bread- Calling all chocolate lovers! This Double Chocolate Banana Bread is to DIE for! It’s so rich and chocolatey with the great taste of bananas!

Twix maison.

What's better than a Twix? A Jumbo Twix. Recipe for Twix cake by raspberry cupcakes

Teddy Graham Smore Pops

Teddy Graham Smore Pops - perfect amount of sweet! First, we used straws, but the marshmallows get so they kept falling over. Use heavier sticks and wax paper, and they will turn out fine.

Rafaello maison pret en 15 minutes1

Marshmallow Balls are good one for the kids to enjoy! They'll have just as much fun making them as they will eating them.

Allumettes croustillantes au Nutella et au chocolat noir

Le vendredi c'est retour vers le futur… Allumettes croustillantes au Nutella et au chocolat noir et quand les enfants ça peut être quand même sacrément fourbe ! (Mais pourquoi est-ce que je vous raconte ça...