Les animaux de papier de Jeremy Kool !

Les animaux de papier de Jeremy Kool ! What Choral what are you doing Las Vadux Dude stop 'pourquoi' Nooooooooooo!!!!

This artists series of 3D rendered, geometric illustrations are the perfect blend of simplicity and detail. With all the visual surprises in each piece, you just can’t help but find yourself immersed in the fantastic worlds he creates. Schmidt has created well over 60 examples of this interesting form, many for the beta testing digital art purveyor NeonMob. You can find some large scale examples of Schmidt’s work at cargocollective or purchase prints at society6.

"Polygonal Posters", une magnifique série de paysages aux polygones grossiers, réalisés par JR Schmidt avec Cinema J'adore ! Le résultat est coloré,