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5 Tips for a Space that is Perfectly YOU

33 lbs lost and counting. Just made up my mind to get healthy, prayed, and started.

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (748)

Quotes about strength & love: QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description I will miss you in so many ways. I don't think I will ever meet someone that could really compare to you. Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

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<strong>Don't want what you can't or don't have, love what you do.</strong>

Happiness Quotes For When Everything Else Is Going ALL WRONG

Tell that to loser who think the grass is greener on the other side. Can't be happy with what he has or faithful. Nope, he might be missing something better so he thinks.

Je vais bien, tout va bien...je suis gai tout me plait...je ne vois pas pourquoi...pourquoi ca n'irait pas. ;-)

De souffrir à sourire .I removed the two "F" of the verb to suffer, now I'm fine

TEXTE Tu n'es plus là où tu étais, mais tu es partout là où je suis. Victor Hugo…

You're not where you were anymore, but you're everywhere I am - Victor Hugo, French poet

Le bordel de mon âme : Photo

Destroy yourself to know yourself. Build yourself to surprise yourself. The important thing is not to be.