In a cloud of smoke..., prettygreenelephants: My little gold deer arrived...

Gold reindeer collar clips with chain // fashion accessories make boring top collared shirt stylish and easily makes a fashion statement style kind of outfit for working women or students in school

Vintage Telephone Lapel Pin

Rotary Dial Telephone Lapel Pin - Mint

Also available in delicious Pinkberry. This vintage-style phone double lapel pin makes the most charming accessory! Wear on your jacket, sweater, shirt collar, tote bag, or anywhere that needs some ex

Après tout....un jour ( ou peut être une nuit ) il n'y aura plus à cause de certaines petites bêtes de grande prise tête. .. Pour ne pas l'oublier ils ont préparé ce masque.... reposant et repos assuré pour l'éternité

Gabon Punu people mask "okuyi" of wood, kaolin, red and black paint.

wood necklace by pipapiep on Etsy

wood necklace inspiration by pipapiep on Etsy