Carmine Bee-eater ~ Merops nubicus - such beautiful colors

The Northern carmine bee-eater (Merops nubicus) is an African near passerine bird in the bee-eater family

la fiancée au beurre salé: Wild#13 - Emmanuelle Colin

Wild (- Be brave - My little big one -) - la fiancée au beurre salé / Emmanuelle Colin

Haute Couture Spring 2013 - Zuhair Murad That Ginger Rogers 30's glam that I always wanted to steal for me... Ohh come to mamma!!

Zuhair Murad at Couture Spring 2013

Advanced accessorizing: a cape of feathers in white and metallic gold. By Zuhair Murad, Haute Couture Spring 2013

Boo. I'm going to put him in my purse and we will do everything together

There is a book and stuffed animal of this dog. My 9 year old just loves it! Boo The World's Cutest Dog :-)

Let’s appreciate the planet

Let's appreciate the planet

BIRD, a poster from the “Life On Earth" series by Ukrainian graphic designer Yevgeniya Glova. Simplicity and controlled color use at its finest.

by Elise Gravel.  Les Vendredis Tutos avec Pinterest #1 | Marcus Le Ficus

Elise Gravel illustration - Sketchbook - love the simplicity, the cartoon quality, and the color palette.


When Eugene bought the book, "Fifty Shades of Grey", he thought, erroneously, it must be about a chameleon. He was kind of embarrassed about the whole thing.

L'histoire des Métiers d'Art de Chanel: Lemarié, plumassier et fleuriste!lemarie-plumassier-et-fleuriste

L'histoire des Métiers d'Art de Chanel

Founded during the Belle Epoque when fashion dictated that hats featured an aviary’s worth of feathers, Lemarié remains to this day a Parisian fashion institution. In Lemarié became a Chanel Métiers D’Art partner.