Rajak by snowsoulls.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I really do like the big strong giant creature vibe this image gives out, also this gives me the idea of possibly having 2 characters act as one single character such as a rider on a creature or a little companion.

Awesome alternative "holiday" cards: The Krampus by Scott Benson

If I have kids, I'm making my husband dress up like Krampus to give the kid(s) root vegetables if they've been bad. Awesome alternative "holiday" cards: The Krampus, Gryla, The Tio De Nadal, and The Yule Goat.

I want that space helmet...

Love, love, love this whimsical illustrations from Invisible Creature ! They can be purchased from Wheatpaste Art Collective .

Gryla. "Not Santa - Set of 4 Holiday Cards" by Scott Benson

Each Christmas, Gryla comes down from her mountain dwelling to hunt for bad children. She places them in a sack and drags them back to her cave where she boils them alive for her favorite stew.

Illustration #17 ( prints ) by Seb Niark1 Feraut

Various illustrations done in 2016 for prints projects by Seb FERAUT

Where the wild things are by Zoe Persico

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