City Guides Books

A Collection of City Guides Books, kept consistent by the design of the cover, only element that changes is the images on each cover which illustrate each city differently.

Hidden underwater world revealed with 3D laser cut wood maps by Below the boat

Hidden underwater world revealed with laser cut wood maps by Below the boat Mehr

tuto motif

Create quirky repeating patterns in Adobe Illustrator In this tutorial, Imakethings (known to his mum as Andrew Groves)

Be Nordic - Antoine Corbineau • Illustration & Design

Portfolio of French Illustrator Antoine Corbineau. Antoine Specialises in illustrated maps, typography and complex infographics.


Geology- Drawing from the Rock Room at UCL

spacetravelco: “ Geographical and astronomical illustrations from the by John Philipps Emslie (several via the Wellcome Collection) ” Imagination makes a hell of a scientific tool.

"Chief Points of Interest in Upper Manhattan" 1920

A new girl in town like me definitely needs this handy map

kenojuak ashevak

Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak’s painting depicts the circle of Arctic seasons I Her painting shows open water for less than half of the year I Arctic Year