1923 Coquillages Encyclopédie Larousse planche illustrée originale Mollusques…

Shells antique print, NOT A COPY. This lovely french print comes from the Larousse printed in Paris.

Vintage Ephemera: Natural History - Colored copper plate engraving of Nautilus and other shells, 1810

5 - Encyclopaedia londinensis, or, Universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature : - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Une aquarelle de Charles-Alexandre Lesueur, représentant un Poisson-hérisson tacheté (Diodon holocanthus), réalisée lors d'une expédition en Australie dans les années 1800.

'Poisson Diodon ( porcupine fish)' by Charles-Alexandre Lesueur, watercolour and ink on paper

SPECIMENS « Lorenzo Nanni

STAPELIAS – – 40 x 80 cm Lorenzo Nanni (nasc is an Italian textile designer living in Paris, inspired by organic forms of plants and animals to make intricate pieces in natural fibers felted and embroidered with glass beads.


Instead of hair - create hat like ship for Pirates under the Stars. that's a hairdo. Hair made to look like waves and a pirate ship on top of your head. Maybe could dye your hair blue and green and have part of it look like an octopus.

Steampunk Tendencies | Tentacles Lamps by Eva Chambers http://www.steampunktendencies.com/post/78955627379/ New Group : Come to share, promote your art, your event, meet new people, crafters, artists, performers... https://www.facebook.com/groups/steampunktendencies

Evan Chambers does weird, organic steam-punky sort of sculptural lighting pieces. I've seen his work at Paxton Gate in Portland, and it's v.

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