Etiquette ... Anyone for afternoon tea?

British Tea Drinking Etiquette infographic poster - Steapunk-esque / Victoriana design

Marylander: Which Is The Salad Fork?

Vous vous demandez toujours comment installer votre vaisselle sur la table, voici un peu d'aide. Still wondering how to set up your dishes on the table, here's a little help.

Cell Phone Etiquette Around the World by repairlabs via lifehacker #Infographic #Cell_Phone_Etiquette

This Infographic Lists Cellphone Etiquette for 11 Countries

Cell phone etiquette around the world, by repairlabs. / Etiquette des téléphones portables autour du monde, par repairlabs.

Sushi Etiquette ( think I may have dipped my rice in the sauce and I like the wasabi in my soy sauce lol won't do that again;)

Infographic Explains Sushi Etiquette for National Sushi Day :: Design :: News :: Paste

Encore plus d'idées