Dasha Sumkina, la maestro du tatouage floral

seems i really like tattoos on joints. i have an idea of what i want in this location- a certain animal representative of home in all blue ink. Floral Dotwork and Fine Line Tattoos by Dasha Sumkina

Fiche exposés : 4 dieux égyptiens à têtes d'animaux

4 dieux égyptiens à têtes d'animaux

masque funéraire en or du pharaon toutankhamon

Le tombeau de Toutankhamon mis en scène Porte de Versailles

Discover the spectacular 'TUTANKHAMUN – His Tomb and His Treasures' exhibition at Silverstar this December Golden Mask of Tutankhamu.

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Hieroglyphs on Rameses Colossus in Memphis, Egypt. Was the ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch, the first nome of Lower Egypt. Its ruins are located near the town of Mit Rahina, south of Cairo. (by David Lewis) Travel and Photography from around the world.

Dix mots pour comprendre les cérémonies funéraires des Egyptiens

Dix mots pour comprendre les cérémonies funéraires des Egyptiens

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Obélisque de Ramsès II, pharaon de la XIXe dynastie, sous le Nouvel Empire - Temple de Louxor, Égypte.

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Obelisco Ramses na noite - Templo de Luxor, Egipto / Obelisk Ramsses at Night - Temple at Luxor, EGYPT

Le buste de la très belle Néfertiti                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

The Nefertiti Bust - 3300 yr. old painted limestone bust of Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. It is believed to have been crafted in 1345 BC