egon schiele | dancer “moa” | 1911

egon schiele, dancer “moa”, 1911 otra mujer del pintor vienes EGON SHIELE - i was once told id love this artist, we do have a similar hand.

Estaque  Paul CEZANNE

Paul Cezanne Landscape Plastic Sign Wall Signs Plastic Sign - 30 x 46 cm

Brut rose Tourmaline diamant Rose or bague de fiançailles bague de mariage personnalisé One Of un aimable pierres précieuses bague trois pierres Ring byAngeline

Raw Pink Tourmaline Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring Wedding Ring Custom One Of a Kind Gemstone Ring Three stone Ring byAngeline Raw rough pink

Dark Side of Typography

Dark Side of Typography

Egon Schiele: title unknown [hands clasping another's waist], Line drawing, ink…

Pablo Picasso Les demoiselles d'Avignon - Modern Art

Pablo Picasso, Les demoiselles d'Avignon Originally called the Brothel of Avignon. This piece from Picasso is said to be a depiction of nude female prostitutes from a brothel.