Les trouvailles dInternet pour bien commencer la semaine #198

Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #198

Optical illusion drawing on lined paper (Octopus)! Found on Moodý Photography (FB).

Moquette de magasin effet d'optique

Paris computer games store with an interesting floor. In fact, the floor is absolutely flat. Fun with

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Dice optical illusion The dice appear to form an impossible triangle. If the position of the camera was to shift slightly, you would see that in reality the 'triangle' is actually created by three lines of dice arranged in the shape of the letter 'Z'

Top 36 des illusions d’optique qui donnent l’impression d’avoir abusé sur la bouteille | Topito

Optical Illusion on Distance. The human mind, as well as eyes, ears and other senses, work in weird ways. Take this photo for example. A monster and a pretty face? Now look at it from a few feet away. (The faces trade places!

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