BrokenTale - A Deadly Feud , a murder at sunset... Who is the perpetrator ! LARP

BrokenTale - A Deadly Feud - Chroniques de Kandorya - 2015

BrokenTale - Album BrokenLand - Horizon

Through the dances, will the 3 worlds of BrokenLand be able to communicate and gather ? Music & Video by Jad & Erawan de.

Teaser de notre clip : Eva...

"Music is a Journey Come and join us on that journey" BrokenTale has been created by 2 composers, Jad & Erawan de Villeneuve. We compose for video games, mov.

BrokenTale - TimeLapse réalisé sur la musique de notre album BrokenLand - Block N°5 -

BrokenTale, Block - Underwater, humans live in giant blocks -

BrokenTale, EVA - A tale of a child who grows up as a wise Mage.

Eva is a child, then a teen, then a wise Mage. She dances with butterflies, practices magic and sings in a magical fairytale countryside : BrokenLand.

BrokenTale - The Beast , a battle is coming... Let's get ready ! LARP battle

In the plains of Edenorya, the winds carry the threat of a great battle. All the tribes and races (Humans, Dwarfs, Orcs, Wizzards.

BrokenTale -TimeLapse réalisé sur la musique de notre EP StarDust - The Omega Parameter

BrokenTale, The Omega Parameter- A timelapse in space.

BrokenTale - Album BrokenLand - Sundog

Enjoy this video and our track Sundog, and laugh with the otters. Organic Videoclip handmade in France by BrokenTale ©