“1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings” is an installation by Doris Salcedo at Istanbul Biennial. In 2002, Salcedo placed 280 chairs at the Palace of Justice in Bogotá "to pay homage to those killed here in a failed guerrilla coup seventeen years earlier." In 2003, she filled the Istanbul Biennial space between two buildings with 1,550 chairs "evoking the masses of faceless migrants who underpin our globalised economy."

1550 Chairs Stacked Between Buildings

1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings by artist Doris Salcedo for the Istanbul Biennial. Have a seat.

Tunnel House Art Installation

‘Inversion’, Tunnel House Art Installation by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. Using boards from the outside of the houses they created a large funnel-like vortex running between the two that ends in a small hole in an adjacent courtyard.

Daniel Buren Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc, Thouars

Daniel Buren Thinks Big, Sees The World Through Tinted Glass

Since the this multimedia artist has been conquering the world with his in situ pieces.

Alicia Martin

Alicia Martin - From donut shapes and vortexes to massive piles that appear to burst out of walls, artist Alicia Martin has continued to escalate her book sculptur.

JR has created two new monumental public artworks in the city of rio de janeiro…

Artist JR Installs Giant Athletes Across Rio’s Urban Landscape For 2016 Olympic Games

Daniel Buren les-neuf-couleurs-au-vent...Une oeuvre urbaine que sculptent au jour le jour le vent et la lumière

The works, exhibitions, writings, and biography of Daniel Buren.


We've talked about the famous stripe master Daniel Buren (see our previous post here ) back in December and we are happy to announce to yo.

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