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an empty room with white walls and large mirrors on the wall next to each other
Hall d'entrée T4 La Baule
Rénovation globale 2023
a living room filled with furniture and a blue sky painted on the ceiling above it
Déco bleu canard- idées de peinture murale, meubles et objets déco
the hallway is decorated in shades of green and white, with geometric patterns on the floor
Sophie Favre and Édouard Le Roy, Rose, Joseph 5 years and a half, Stan 10 months old - The Socialite Family
a blue door and mirror in a room with black and white floor tiles on the walls
Dasha’s apartment
an instagram page with the caption in english and french, which reads inn de clost
Inside closet - Prenons le temps
an empty hallway with black and white stripes on the wall next to a light fixture
Appartement Paris place des ternes : 230 m2 transformés
an empty hallway with pictures on the wall and tables in front of it, along with chairs
Idée décoration couloir long
an empty hallway with blue walls and white trim on the door, wood flooring
Appartement Neuilly sur Seine : un haussmannien modernisé en couleurs
a long hallway with blue and white striped walls, wood flooring and mirrors on the wall
the hallway is painted blue and has red trim on the door, along with an arched doorway
Aquileia - Picture gallery 11
an empty room with a lamp hanging from the ceiling and wood flooring on the walls
Peinture couleur : du jaune pour une déco bonne humeur
a dog sitting on the floor in front of a living room with lots of windows
Soubassement terracotta dans une loggia