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Un gilet de sauvetage au poignet

Un gilet de sauvetage au poignet

Sun Safety in Boating Infographic for important sun safety and sun protection facts on a boat - the only sun safety infographic specific to recreational boating!

Importance of sun safety on a boat and how recreational boaters can stay focused on being sun aware and sun safe on the water.

Does an Orange Float or Sink?  Does an orange float or sink when placed in water? Seems like a fairly straight forward question, but is it? Give this fun density science experiment for kids a try and answer the question while learning a unique characteristic of oranges.

Use this activity with the oranges' rind being the lifejacket. When the rind is in place the orange will float. If you remove the rind, the orange will sink.

Explore applications in technology that involve floating and sinking e.g. life jackets. Relates thinking to the real world.

Archimedes found that the water will push upward against the object with a force equal to the weight of water that is displaced.