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High Octane Chess Set by Rev Rods

7 Unique nut and bolt chess sets recycling hardware waste

The game of chess is basically a dull and slow one that goes on for hours. Instead of having the same old chess set made of plastic pieces and paper boa.

Each piece is made from stainless steel nuts, bolts and fasteners. The board is leather, backed with a thin steel sheet. By Bec Brittain

amazing / chess set / Bec Brittain / made for the McMasterpieces show Sight Unseen produced for ICFF 2011

Chess pieces and chess sets

The subject invention involves chess pieces made primarily from hardware components and chess sets of such chess pieces. Each chess piece comprises a center shaft component comprising a vertical threa

“Steampunk Chess”

Steampunk Chess set created by Madame Rouge at the Coldwater Steampunk Art Exhibit

Webelos Craftsman Project: Nuts Bolts Chess Set

Nuts & Bolts Chess Set - Cub Scout Ideas with all the details to make these. Would fill Webelos Craftsman Project

Good Ideas For You | Amazing chess sets made from recycled material

There are some modern artists who have become highly successful in transforming waste into 10 unique chess sets.This beautifully crafted High Octane chess set (above) is made especially for the car guys.The auto parts chess set is: