Great tutorial showing how to sew around those frustrating zipper tabs so they actually turn out!

Zippered Clutch Tutorial - PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS - Over this winter break I decided I wanted to try writing a tutorial. This tutorial has definitely been done before, but I hope my version will help ma

Sewing a Zipper into a Bag - via @Craftsy

Many people have a fear of sewing a zipper into something, so Patchouli Moon created this PDF tutorial to show their way of sewing a zipper into a simple bag.

Sewing machine practice sheets - via @Craftsy

Looking to learn to sew or teach a child to sew? Then these sewing machine practice sheets are perfect. 6 different sheets to print on paper and practice.

How to Use a Fat Quarter - via @Craftsy

Cheat sheet for fat quarters: Did you know that from just one fat quarter you can create…. 6 6 squares 9 squares squares 16 squares 20 squares 30 squares 42 squares 56 squares 99 squares (now that is a lot of squares!