un grand salon au haut plafond

Fireplace - Ceiling height adds a larger sense of scale & airyness which feel current space needs like the way the black on either side gives good dimension

Un loft aux allures très bohème - FrenchyFancy

Un loft aux allures très bohème

A beautiful outdoor space in the heart of Amsterdam. Rustic wood plank table, mossy, brick patio floor and big, open windows

Transformation d'un ancien entrepôt en loft moderne dans le quartier Jordaan (Amsterdam) | Marius Haverkamp Architecte

Un loft aux allures très bohème

Amsterdam - A former warehouse renovated into loft by it’s owner, the interior designer Marius Haverkamp. Love the square inset windows


Interior ... in grey

I’m happy to share with you this unique raw industrial attic apartment, created by Swedish architect and interior designer Johan Israelson.

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