Daring Cooks Preserve: How to Make & Preserve Apple Pectin

Apple Pectin - how to make & preserve it; Pectin is a fiber that removes heavy metals from the body & detoxifies drugs from the body (many prescription drugs store in your fatty tissue & they are very difficult to remove). It was even used for radiation p

Winter Spice Jelly

Winter spice jelly

Winter spiced jelly-This spiced jam can be stored to eat with meat or cheese or presented as a homemade gift

Rose Petal Jelly - this is delicious on toast with old Dutch cheese, arugula and…

Rose Petal Jelly

Rose jelly is sweet and floral, and is lovely on buttered bread. Make it with roses you grow yourself to be sure they& chemical free. You will need liquid pectin (to thicken the jelly) and rose water for flavor. These are available in most supermarkets.

Comment utiliser la gélatine, l’agar-agar, la pectine ? Mode d’emploi et…

Comment utiliser la gélatine, l'agar-agar, la pectine ? Mode d'emploi et conseils

Quelles sont les différences entre la gélatine, la pectine et l'agar agar ?

Raspberry Curd ~ The final jar is to keep for some winter day, when it’s cold outside and it feels like summer is a lifetime away. On that day I’ll taste again the sweet-tart flavor of a sun-warmed raspberry. It will be at once a memory of summer past, and a promise of summer yet to come.

Raspberry Curd ~ 2 - baskets of fresh raspberries 1 cup sugar (more as desired) 4 eggs 4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 4 tablespoons unsalted butter stick) teaspoon salt

Doughnuts with Grapefruit-Vanilla Jelly

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Mon délicieux jardin secret ( blog : confitures , liqueurs , vins et autres…

Mon délicieux jardin secret ( blog : confitures , liqueurs , vins et autres…

Have you been stirring the wrong way? Jessica Koslow is here to set you straight

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FD Style Measuring Spoon from rikumo

FD Style Measuring Spoon

A multifunctional measuring spoon from Hagino Mitsunobu.