Forget the desks. I'm totally digging on the artwork. Easily done by taking photos of your kids favorite toys, then having them printed out poster size. Love! via: the boo and the boy: kids desk spaces

Take a picture of your child’s favorite toys, convert picture to black and white, and then have it blown up. Take a picture of your child’s favorite toys, convert picture…

During my search for a different Robot poster, I found this image - you can buy these posters on etsy.

Robots Poster Set

Minimalist Robot Posters Full Set of 5 - or Printed on high quality double weight matte photo paper stock using

The Kura bed is a perfect loft bed except for the fact that it’s remarkably ugly.  True, IKEA sells a tent top, but with a jigsaw, two pieces of plywood, and a scrap piece of 1X2 pine, you ca…

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