1950s Fashion for Women: Get the Look. Guide to fifties dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories.

What Did Women Wear in the 1950s?

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1950s Pants & Jeans- High Waist, Wide Leg, Capri, Pedal Pushers

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The five best fashion illustrations for adding beauty to your day...

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How to Identify Your Own Personal Style

Red tea length skirt, preppy sweater, and sparkly gold heels. inspred:: Retro Fashion:: Red Vintage skirt I love the way this outfit is put together. would love to get into some tea length skirts!

the 50's decade | the shoes back in the 50 s were white ked

Welcher dieser wundervollen Röcke steht mir wohl am Besten ? Which of these wonderful skirts suits me probably best?

Photo found on: http://the50shousewife.com/2014/10/dress-for-marriage-success-play-up-your-feminine-nature/ This is a typical 1950s dress.1950s style included feminine and romantic silhouettes - full circle skirts, fitted pencil skirts and A-line shapes - that marked women's return to home and hearth after the war years.Dior and Balenciaga are the most successful designers in this decade. And all of the beautiful changes from Dior "New look" 1947

Pierre Balmain, 1950 - dress styles gained popularity with the creation of Dior's postwar "New Look" in In when Dior left the army, he joined the fashion house of Lucien Lelong, where he and Pierre Balmain were the primary designers.

Sears Catalog, Spring/Summer 1958 - Women's Dresses.  Love vintage clothes! <3

The 1958 Spring/Summer Sears Catalog late era day dress office school matching sweater full skirt pencil red white pink black plaid floral models magazine print ad- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!