Persing oreilles

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Mismatched Earring Set - Mix and Match Earrings - Sterling Silver Earring Set - Simple Minimalist Jewellery - Stud Earrings - Eco Friendly

A delicate trio of stud earrings made from recycled sterling silver. | 30 Dainty Pieces Of Jewelry To Buy Yourself For Valentine's Day

A delicate trio of

Le petit plus : l'antihélix en haut à droite de l'oreille. #boucle #bijou #helix

10 photos qui prouvent que piercing rime avec style

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This is a triple helix a did a while back with tiny little yellow gold balls and a matching bezel CZ center by bvla. I love doing clusters of super small jewelry like this!


10 photos qui prouvent que piercing rime avec style

I can never find adoarble conch piercing rings that actually fit without being painfully tight! J Colby Smith piercing and jewelry design in NYC

Un piercing du daith par @lauren_ylang23

Ce piercing est un remède contre les migraines, mais il est aussi joli !

DOUBLE enveloppe brassard, brassard oreille blanc opale, Ear Cuff, faux ne Piercing, aucun perçage, Double brassard, Cartilage embrasse, embrasse

White Opal Ear Cuff / Fake Conch Clip / Ear Cuff Wrap Earring: Beautiful double wrap ear cuff with colored opal stone. It very simple adjust to any size and hug the ear cartilage gently but firmly.

The Best Fashion-People Piercings

The Best Fashion-People Piercings

Abbey Lee Kershaw I have always admired Abbey Lee Kershaw and her essence of style. Recently i have unknowingly .