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Short-Hair Backlash: 5 Good Reasons to Grow Your Hair Out This Season Vogue - Cher

Cher --- Please note the square amber ashtray. Back in the 1960s 1970s into the…

Cher --- Please note the square amber ashtray. Back in the into the It was more common to visit someone where there was a smoked pack of cig butts in an ashtray than not. Very common.

37 Beautiful Portraits of the 70s Fashion and Style Icons

Farrah Fawcett wore her denim at its youthful breezy best and made fitted flared jeans de rigour for all Seventies girls

Cher 1974 Academy Awards

( MUSIC ♪♫♪♪ 2016 ★ CHER " Pop / dance / disco / folk / rock / power ballads " Cher 1974 Academy Awards " ) ★ ♪♫♪♪ Cheryl Sarkisian - Monday, May 1946 - 135 lbs - El Centro, California, USA.

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themaninthegreenshirt: “ Sharon Tate and Barbara Bouchet, Playboy London Club Casino 1966 ”

70s icons | For looking very good in Burlesque, I picked Cher.

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Speaking of Cher, she is such a style icon. She got a little crazy over the years, but what the hell, she's Cher.

Top 10 70s icons

Top 10 70s icons

electripipedream: “ Jimi Hendrix Photo by Karl Ferris 1967 ”

On A Train, Late '70s Photo: Chris Stein

Rare Photos of Debbie Harry From the Early Days of Blondie

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Cher started the bell-bottom trend. She designed them, and her friend, Bridget, sewed them. With her then young daughter Chasity whom has now become a young man named Chaz with mother's blessing.

#theLIST: That '70s Show  -

#theLIST: The '70s Show: Style Icons of the Decade

Having just witnessed the bare bottom caning of a sixth form boy the secretary leaves the headmasters office