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TOM'S SUIT OR T SHIRT FOR LATTER SCENEThe Icon himself Don Johnson. This image represents men's fashion because of the types of jackets,tennis shoes,and the hairstyles.Also wearing the jackets over a t-shirt.

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Prom attire for men. Bright colors dominated this preppy style, complete with the cotton-cashmere sweater tied around the shoulders.

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The Greatest 80s Fashion Trends

Fashion in was exclusively "different". It triggered the essence of new trends and popularised various fashion statements. Check out this short list.

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"Yup - Wesley Crusher and Samwise Gamgee in amazing pastel sweaters in Japan. (Wil Wheaton and Sean Astin)

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Men's Fashion in the consisted of oversized, peg legged jeans, and big sweaters. Men's fashion became much more casual and comfortable.

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Men’s Clothes in the usually involve contrast colors mixing and matching. It offers retro fashion style as newer trend in future fashion trend