A worksheet to help with any Aboriginal art/design project.

Learning about other cultures through their art and pairing it with English and Geography. Aboriginal Art is a fantastic topic for children. They will learn a little about who the Australian Aboriginals are, their symbols and what and how they paint.

Art aborigène / aboriginal art | Aboriginal Art Gecko" Painting art prints and posters by Petra Koob ...

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Aboriginal Art Painting by Anna Petyarre Pitjara ~ My Country

This painting makes me feel fearless, it makes me want to travel. Aboriginal Art Painting by Anna Petyarre Pitjara ~ My Country

Jean Baptiste Apuatimi / Jirtaka sawfish ochres on canvas. Australian aboriginal art also uses circles to symbolize geography, pathways, dreams.

This excellent painting by Jean Baptiste Apuatimi demonstrates how the eye naturally wants to fall on the area of an image that is highest in contrast. In this case the middle of the artwork. Contrast is a very powerful composition tool Más

Staircase to the Moon" by Elspeth McLean | Had the chance to see some of Elspeth's work while on vacation this summer. ABSOLUTELY stunning! Really want to grab a few pieces - this is a mere sample of the beauty she creates.

"An awake heart is like a sky that pours light." ~ Hafiz Artist: Elspeth McLean Title: Staircase to the Moon lis

Chernee Sutton

Chernee Sutton - Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, eatin' all the gumdrops he can see - laugh Kookaburra laugh Kookaburra, save some drops for me.