It's a trap! Actually, it's Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you.

Battle of Brentaal IV (Galactic Civil War)

2 - Admiral Ackbar - Rebel leader in charge of co-ordinating the attack on the second Death Star in Return Of The Jedi. Famous for the sudden realisation that "it's a trap!" In this film, everything would be a trap!

(Jana's POV) I'm back to the chair again. Lucas works on something behind me and Emma stands in front of me, smirking. My leg throbs along with my whole entire body and my eyelids droop. My lips are dry and cracked and I have a horrible headache. My muscles are cramping and I feel so hot. I hear the click of a gun behind me and Lucas walks past me and sets some kind of alarm on the door. "The first person who walks through his door will have a nasty surprise."

Famous Movie Quotes As if Spoken By A Proper Englishman

“Trap”, an Admiral Ackbar poster by 604Republic

Trap, An Admiral Ackbar Poster by 604Republic

Admiral Ackbar TRAP poster in the style of Fairey’s HOPE design

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It's a CRAP Star wars inspired Admiral Ackbar toilet seat sticker by Walkingdeadpromotion,

admiral-ackbar-rhum is he related to capt morgan?

Full Title: "Admiral Akbar's Olde Timey Rhum" After the Battle of Endor, the Admiral decided to carry on the Akbar family tradition of making rum.

By Darren Tan

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starwars: “Spotlight Of The Week - Admiral Ackbar: Rebel Fleet Commander ” “It’s a trap!” That bottom image is amazing!

Star Wars - Return of The Jedi - Admiral Ackbar original ink drawing by Mygrimmbrother on Etsy

Star Wars - Return of The Jedi - Admiral Ackbar original ink drawing by Mygrimmbrother on Etsy

"You scruffy-looking nerf-herder" -Leia  "Beep beep!" -R2-D2  "Its a trap!"- Admiral

Thanks Taking away iconic Star Wars characters, but they will always live on in our memories.

Felt Admiral Ackbar  Pocket Plush toy by nuffnufftoys on Etsy, $15.00

Felt Admiral Ackbar - Pocket Plush toy