It had been too long since I last baked a layer cake.  Clearly, it was time.  My brother’s wonderful girlfriend celebrated a birthday last week  and I couldn’t resist baking … Read More

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Layer Cake

Birthday Cake Pudding Shots.. Served at the bar during dessert time at the wedding??

Birthday Cake Pudding Shots


31 Most Beautiful Birthday Cake Images for Inspiration

Sweet Slices: Feast your eyes on 24 of our favorite unique wedding cakes! - if my cake were just coated in sprinkles it would be awesome

Gold Monogram Image of Birthday Cakes

31 Most Beautiful Birthday Cake Images for Inspiration

I love the colours of gold, red, black & white and crazy style of this cake/ centerpiece...

"Alice in Wonderland" Centerpiece

An incredibly enchanting centerpiece for adult or child party alike. "Alice in Wonderland" is also being made into a Wedding Card Reception Box so keep your eye