Aidan Turner's prop teeth in Being Human (UK) -- ONE OF THESE DAYS I OUGHT TO CHECK OUT HIS SHOW.

Aidan Turner's prop teeth in Being Human (UK) -- Only thing hotter than Aiden Turner in real life is Aiden Turner with vampire teeth!

Love Aidan Turner in scrubs. (Being Human UK)

I like to think my future husband will look like Aiden Turner. I like the dark hair blue eyes, but something about dark hair and dark eyes draws me on too.

Aidan Turner - turning on the sexy glare! Being Human (UK) "Mitchell" the…

Aidan Turner - turning on the sexy glare! Being Human (UK) "Mitchell" the angst-filled vampire who's trying to kick the blood habit.

Aidan Turner is so beautiful ❤️

He could hear the footsteps pounding through the echoing halls of the cavernous dungeon, and knew they were coming for him. All he could do was steel himself for whatever horrors they had in store for him.

Aidan Turner: English actor, Being Human UK, The Hobbit (isn't he Irish?)

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Aidan Turner as Luke part of the movie! I was so excited to see him! And I thought it was hilarious that he played a werewolf.

being human, specifically an episode centring on mitchell's struggle within and against the vampire community, was the inspiration behind another song, "good (black heart and a ringing sound)", soon to be recorded.

Badurday- September 18, 2010- AidEn Vs. AidAn Turner

Aidan Turner: can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that he looks hot like this then....

Friendship, Thicker Than Blood, in BBC America Series

Aidan Turner (Being human) #Fashion

Aidan Turner --- Eyecandy indeed, Aidan might be one of my favorite actors. And he did an amazing job portraying Kili in the Hobbit

Aidan Turner, Being Human UK

Aidan Turner, Being Human UK