One of my many oh-shhhhiii moments in Alien: Isolation.

from Alien: Isolation, but also from my nightmares. Main reason I can't play that game

The Art of Alien: Isolation Limited Edition Revealed

The Art of Alien: Isolation Limited Edition Revealed

[The Art Of Alien Isolation (Limited Edition Hardcover) (Product Image)]

Alien Isolation's Artificial Intelligence Was Good...Too Good

Alien Isolation's Artificial Intelligence Was Good...Too Good

Alien Isolation Amanda Ripley proving jumpsuits can be sexy.

Alien Isolation Complete Walkthrough and Guide - Alien: Isolation is for people who can withstand a heightened emotional state for a prolonged period of time. While it may keep your heart rate up, it ofders enough of a challenge

spaceport1.jpg (Image JPEG, 2384 × 6997 pixels) - Redimensionnée (13%)

Discover this amazing and huge collection of Concept Art from Alien Isolation made by Bradley Wright.

alien isolation amanda ripley tall

From the very beginning of Alien Isolation, developer Creative Assembly has captured the feel of the movie Alien.

The Working Joe, Alien: Isolation. "Our synthetics are built, not created. Seegson, Tomorrow, Together." -Seegson

Working Joe

8 Awesomely Retro Gadgets in Alien: Isolation - Xbox Wire

8 Awesomely Retro Gadgets in Alien: Isolation - strangely, I'm both embarrassed of the recent past's vision of the future and proud of how much farther we've come than was imagined possible

all I typed in Tumblr was "alien isolation" expecting to get gameplay screenshots and advertisements for the game. Instead, I got a plethora of gifs featuring the lovely Markiplier. I LOVE YOU MARKIPLIER

Markiplier plays Alien Isolation: episode 6 Not gonna lie I shrieked like a small frightened child