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I love Alpha-males. My boyfriend is one, and this reminds me of something he said last night at dinner. Furthermore, unlike most alpha-males, he's empathetic, and that makes him just perfect for me in every way.

Hvis de står bag dig, skal du beskytte dem. Hvis de står ved siden af ​​dig, respekterer du dem. Hvis de står imod dig, besejre dem.

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Ten things Alphas do to separate themselves from the pack.

This was listed by a MAN for MEN. LOL These are things, as an RN, I gind myself doing all the time! 10 Things Alphas Do to Separate themselves from the pack

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Stumped  isn't going  to get him down, we can beat this!

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You never know how strong you will be until being strong is the only choice you have - Bob Marley Quote