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Cheap and easy Skeleton hands - DIY - Halloween decorations/props

Cheap and easy Skeleton hands - DIY - Halloween decorations/props. I'd use Model Magic instead of the foam/heat gun. with nature                                                                                                                                                     More

Colours of my life in black and white painted my soul without having any control Colours of my life in red and yellow painted my heart when I felt so lovely and mellow Colours of my life in (Chocolate Photography Faces)

Ribbed sea squirts....Imagine God and all that we see is His!

The Painted Tunicate (Clavelina picta) is a species of sea squirt (tunicate) in the genus Clavelina (known as “little bottles. It is found in the waters of Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

5 Yoga Poses For Beginners #fitness #exercise #yoga

5 Poses for Total Beginners

5 Yoga Poses for Total Beginners fitness how to exercise yoga health healthy living home exercise tutorials yoga poses exercising exercise tutorials yoga for beginners yoga sequence

3 Must Have Filters that will make any Photographers Life Easier!

are made for all cameras with beam splitters in the light paths of their TTL exposure meter and with autofocus lenses. Circular polarization has the same.