Angelina Jolie Makeup Transformation Tutorial: Tips and tricks to make your lips, eyes and cheekbones look like Angelina's...

Angelina Jolie Makeup Transformation Tutorial one of the best contouring tutorials i have ever seen click the link above to get your own set

How to make round eyes appear elongated and feline (or, the Angelina Jolie look). This is perfect for me, but if you have naturally narrower eyes, there's a link in the description box for a tutorial on how to make long, narrow eyes look rounder (like Megan Fox does).

"Pixiewoo" has awesome make up tutorials. Check this one: Angelina Jolie Cat Eyeliner Flick Make-up Tutorial. Great for round eyes.

Angelina Jolie Pitt Throughout the Years in

Angelina Jolie Throughout the Years in

Bride hair - simple up do. Beautiful natural look (hair and makeup) on top, elegant dress on bottom. My kind of "dressed up" done just right. I never feel like being too flashy.

Hot: Angelina Jolie reveals her inspiration for By the Sea: 'I wanted to explore grief'

Angelina Jolie reveals her inspiration for 'By the Sea': 'I wanted to explore grief'