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Some Fairy Tail fanart XD. Chapter 422 introduced Lucy's new technique that actually lets her fight, potentially at a level closer to Erza's (which is a. Fairy Tail - Lucy and Aquarius

OH DIOS Acabo de encontrarme con esta pareja, creados por Z-Pico... qué monos *3*

Patrick bottom ) jake 17 (top) boyfriends love ache other endlessly. Cute and adorable spend time together all the time never apart

Is this romantic, or creepy?

This scene is from my favorite web comic, Bastard! It's an amazing story, you can check it out on the app, Webtoon! I highly recommend it!


I'm sure the poor stick man dies after that first sword slash, the rest was unnecessary but I suppose it was implying humour .<<<< Still though, he said he hated anime.

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Hataraku Maou-sama / the devil is a partimer (maou & emilia ) - They both fight to protect, yet they're not so different. Devil and angel L Is Nai