April Showers Song

Lyrics for the April Showers song sung to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot

April Showers: I have a set of class pictures that I have laminated and use for a variety of activities. During this song, place one child's picture on each blank line of the song chart.

(Sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday") This is a great song to include as we move into colder weather. I have a set of class pictures that.

ohdarlingifonlyyouknew:   brightfallenstars: Cas... - ethereal.voice

brightfallenstars: “ Cas and ducklings. Drawn while listening to the April Showers song from Bambi ”

LDS Primary Chorister Ideas: SeasonalIdeas

Oh, boy, when they say April showers they mean it! I LOVE the month of April, and love the rain that we& been having here in my corner of.

BAMBI- April Showers Such a beautiful and magical film. So pure and simple.. Brings back such wonderful childhood memories.

Bambi Walt Disney I really like how the music interacts with the actions of the characters. It emphisises or downsizes the movement where needed. I also like how the soundeffects are replaced by the use of music.

april showers song

Rain is one of the beautiful blessing of God. Rain usually bring inner happiness but its depends on the mood.Here r some beautiful rain picture.enjoy these

4 Rain Rhymes to Get Kids Moving - have fun in the rain and learn about rhythm too!

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4 Rain Rhymes to Get Kids Moving. They can get out of their seats, spread out, and dance to our rain songs. This gives them some wiggle time and come back to the lesson refreshed.