Aragorn, a man of many names...Strider, Elessar, Estel, Good lookin', Handsome, Beefcake, etc...(ok I admit some of those are my names for him). <--Hahaha, I'm dying!

How did I forget how hot Viggo Mortensen is? Or how pissed I was that he didn't get with the blonde chick who killed the Witch King? (For real, she was such a better pick than Liv Tyler, she's an ELF)

"If you expect me to save this country from total ruin, I will. But don't expect me to save you. Cowardly sense of honor!"

“I am Aragorn son of Arathorn, and am called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dúnadain, the heir of Isildur Elendil’s son of Gondor. Here is the sword that was broken and is forged again! Will you aid me or thwart me?

The Ranger with all his scruffiness. Viggo Mortensen in the Fellowship of the Ring. #lotr #tolkien

The Ranger in all his scruffy gorgeousness. Viggo Mortensen in the Fellowship of the Ring.

Aragorn: all that is gold does not glitter not all those who wander are lost the old that is strong does not wither deep roots are not reached by the frost from the ashes a fire shall be woken a light from the shadows shall spring renewed shall be the blade that was broken the crownless again shall be king #lotr

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Isildur's heir to the throne of Gondor. I've always loved--and will always love--this beautiful, beautiful poem.

How could they leave of that Peter Jackson referred to him as Aragorn in conversation without him noticing and that he got so attached to his horse he bought it at the end of filming

Reasons why Viggo was/is the perfect actor for Aragorn. I believe he was also offered a chance to be in the Hobbit films but HE REFUSED because it wasn't canon!

"Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings trilogy" omg and his love for animals just makes me... love him even more...

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Lord of the Rings: Brego and Aragorn (Uraeus & Viggo - Viggo and Uraeus created such a bond that Viggo bought the horse. Uraeus lives on Viggo's ranch in Idaho along with TJ, the horse he rode in 'Hidalgo' )

In the eyes of a Ranger (of the North), The unsuspected stranger Had better know the truth of wrong from right, 'cause the eyes of a Ranger are upon you, Any wrong you do he's gonna see, When you're in Middle Earth look behind you, 'cause that's where the Rangers are gonna be.

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