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Brilliant Spacesuit Timeline

i like the navy mk iv suit (the one directly left of the orange one) the best. definitely the vibe i'm going for(Best Paint Sprayer)

Crédit photo : Flying Mouse 35 / Facebook

Flying mouse : cet artiste va nous rendre complètement dingue… Mais tant pis, on adore ça !

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The latest illustration has a little different style. I& been pushing to let my line work stand out more. I had a feeling the fully ren.

Space Cleaner by Robert Richter #illustration                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Les magnifiques créations de Robert Richter, illustrateur

Poster de la Nasa à la manière de l'oncle Sam: weed you (on a besoin de vous pour la conquête de Mars)

Affiches de la NASA pour la promotion de la colonisation de Mars

Popular Baby Names 2013                                                       …

Popular Baby Names 2013

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houston we have a problem #AnnaFisher


Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, first mother in space. - Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, first mother in space.

Bamboo Shoots in Light - Pandalicious collection - Art Gallery Fabrics - Fat…

Gail: Constellations Midnight (Glow in the Dark) - Timeless Treasures midnight

Cleaning in Space and Zero Gravity                              …

Cleaning in Space and Zero Gravity

An astronaut's spacesuit. Astronauts really interest me right now.

50 Excellent Circular Logos  (Nasa for Houston)

50 Excellent Circular Logos

NASA Aerospace space shuttle lunar astronaut Vinyl Decal Sticker Car Truck Yeti DIY Bumper Window choose your size

Something about the sight of astronauts that gives me hope.

This photo of (I assume) an astronaut is wearing a patch that says "someone still loves you"

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If I can't be an astronaut, then at least I want a space helmet.