23 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With Baby Food Jars

23 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With Baby Food Jars

23 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With Baby Food Jars Mini Mason jar ornament?

50+ Ways to Re Use Baby Food Jars - Happy Hooligans

50+ Fantastic Ways to Re-Use Baby Food Jars

50 Ways to Re Use Baby Food Jars in the home, craft room, workshop, classroom and garden! Awesome crafts, great gift ideas and super-handy ways to make use of all those empty baby food jars youve been hanging onto!

21 epic baby food jar crafts #diy If you like this then check out the Home Decor at designsbynn.com

31 Genius Baby Food Jar Crafts: Reuse Baby Food Jars

Baby Food Jar Snowmen-- Now I know what to do with all those baby food jars. :)

This Holiday: Baby Food Jar Snowmen

Don’t Give old baby food jars full of over-handled food as Christmas Gifts. Pinner says,” This Holiday: Baby Food Jar Snowmen"

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8 Genius Ways to Recycle Baby Food Jars

8 genius ways to recycle baby food jars! These are just a few of the many ways you can recycle and re-use!

This idea is cute but with sand and sea shells for recuerdos and the lids with girls colors and a pic of them

31 Genius Baby Food Jar Crafts: Reuse Baby Food Jars

DIY Baby Food Jar Princess Crown Party Favors - Sassy Dealz Such a cute baby shower idea for a friend or me someday.

Christmas DIY santa hat and elf hat candy jars

10 Co-Workers Candy Christmas Gifts to Say "Happy Holidays" at the Office

DIY Baby Food Jar Candles! Perfect gift for the holidays, get all your supplies at a big discount on Black Friday.

DIY Baby Food Jar Candles

Looking for a why to upcycle your baby food jars? try making these DIY baby food jar candles! They are simple, rustic, yet chic!

DIY Jar Tops via Design Sponge | Homemade Crap!

Cover jar lids using tissue paper and mod podge. Now I can use those recycled jars and hide the printing on the lid! Cover jar lids using tissue paper and…

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Repurpose Baby Food Jars

Love this homemade finger paint idea! Not only will the kids have fun painting with their fingers you can have them help make the paint as well! Twice the fun!

After painting the lids with chalkboard paint and filling the jars with spices, baby food jars easily become part of a great-looking spice rack.  Source: Frugal Decor Mom

Advent Calendar

spices in a drawer- with baby food jars and chalkboard paint! I have the drawer, spices and chalkboard paint, but no baby food jars.


Love the idea of using up the rest of her baby food. Baby pancakes (using baby food & baby cereal)

Paint Dipped Baby Food Jar Vases - 23 Clever DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars | Upcycle And Repurpose Ideas at http://diyready.com/diy-uses-of-baby-food-jars/

Baby Food Jar Craft Ideas

Here are some great ways to upcycle old baby food jars - and this is my favourite. Dip paint the bottom of the jars in gold paint and use them as small vases. They look particularly pretty when grouped together.