& he's good with kids.. what else are you gonna do to make me believe you're perfect?

Lux see the real Harry not Harry from One Direction. That's why I love that little girl so much<<< I love Harry for Harry and not for his fame!

Ok, even if this wanst harry and Lux this is a adorable picture! Admit it :)

Ok, even if this wanst harry and Lux this is a adorable picture! Admit it :)>> so jealous of lux! but this is pretty cute pic of them

#wattpad #losowo #11 Losowo 11.10.2017 Imagify to książka w której TY możesz być główną bohaterką. Jeżeli tylko lubisz Harry'ego to zapraszam!

Imagify//Harry Styles - 157. Harry Styles

Lux and Harry :) (gif) guys see the cameras that means she is going to be in the movie! with Harry

Okay may I just say that my head is spinning right now... Too much adorkableness...

Baby Lux on

Im sorry this is so adorable! niall and baby lux >>>> Tom, people. that is Tom>>> Jesus Christ, you can clearly tell that's NOT Niall.

Harry and not-so-baby Lux :'(                                                                                                                                                     More

pinche werka on

baby lux and harry styles. this is so cuteee>> once again that is not Harry look how grown up she looks

Lux and Niall. my heart just exploded. Excuse me whilst i cry a river of happy tears.

Yes this is Niall holding baby Lux. AWW SO SWEET:) Baby Lux is their stylist's baby. (That is one very lucky baby, getting to grow up with One Direction for big brothers.

Niall holding Baby Lux...my heart just melted for Niall a little bit more!  Just so adorbs!  Two cuties in right there :)

Me and Nialls baby♥ just kidding! Lol its Uncle Niall holding Baby Lux!

You can't not repin this! Listening to this over and over again! Harry Styles talking with baby Lux "I canny do this many more  times lux. Alreet pet how's it going? Alreet alreet."

Harry Styles talking with baby Lux {Harry says, "Can you do this how many times Lux? Alreet pet how's it going? Alreet alreet"} cute but he sounds Irish and I can barley make out what he's saying lol

OMG baby lux is the cutest baby on this earth!

UpToDate1D on

I seriously want to babysit Luxie. She is the freaking cutest thing ever! I think she is just getting cuter as she gets older.