I've heard of cookie jars but kittie jars are new to me ... where can I find one?

I've heard of Cookie Jars but Kitty Jars are new to me . where can I find one? - Cute pair of Sweet Ginger Kittens, who think they're Ginger Cookies

[>Spring marks the beginning of kitten season National Pet Rescue | Examiner.com. You can help reduce pressure on animal shelters by getting your pet spayed and neutered. And, if you have the time, consider fostering a newborn kitten. You will be saving an innocent life.

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Aww he looks like my baby Carlos

Just Funny Photos Of Cats Sitting Like Humans

Protection precious kitten with mother.

Dreamy Eyes - 23rd October 2014

From top to bottom: Redkit (male), Moonkit (female), Tigerkit (female) and some of Kestrelstar and Lionclaw s new kits!

From top to bottom: Redpaw - mentor Iceclaw, Moonpaw - mentor Flamewhisker, Tigerpaw - mentor Scarletflame!

one day i will have a ginger kitten like this!

I sowwy

Why so sad, kitty? Someone snuggle him right now! Don't look so sad. I will snuggle and cuddle with you all day if you want me to.

awww fluffy baby kitten

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Baby kitten and her Mommy..Awww..Sweet~~

Baby kitten and her Mommy.Sweet~~ - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

Little baby kitten got your finger along with your heart. Cute !!

Is This Where the Crazy Cat Lady Lives? - 17th December 2014