Fasterner-Free, Re-usable Bamboo Structural System by Penda //

For less-developed areas where shipping containers are harder to come by and materials are scarce, a new option utilizing bamboo and rope has emerged thanks to the Beijing-based architecture firm Penda.

(row1) Beams formed by 4 or 6 members. The top row is separated from the bottom with bamboo/ wood slats so that the upper bamboos do not slide over the lower. (row2) Central double rafter. Wide range of applications in the construction of bridges & structures for rural facilities. (row3) Lateral double rafter. Each rafters secured independently at the side support & each other. Often used in rural bridges & structures. (row4) Lateral double rafters. Often as central support of bridges/sheds.

Bamboo Joints and Joinery Techniques

How to join bamboo and what are the best bamboo joints? Well first of, it is important to know a few basics principles about joining bamboo before discussing the different joinery techniques.

RACHEL COOPER = Bamboo is an extremely strong and versatile plant that is a natural eco- friendly resource. It requires no pesticides to grow and relies on natural rainfall or moisture from the soil. It can be used for just about anything from buildings to boats and hand crafted furniture. The possibilities are endless but is is a great alternative for many creative artists and architects to consider.

Bamboo Buildings by Andry Widyowijatnoko

The Green School - Architecture - Domus

Deep within the jungles of Bali, a school made entirely of bamboo seeks to train the next generations of leaders in sustainability.