How to create a basement workshop. I need one of these!

Weekend Project: Basement Workshop

An organized Basement Workshop with Paint Brush Pegboard storage and DIY Workbench|The Interior Frugalista

A Basement Workshop Tour (she ain't pretty but she's functional)

Ambient air cleaning on the cheap

11 Ways to Keep Your Workshop Neat and Tidy

Great for the work shop Attach a furnace filter with hook-and-loop tabs to the air intake side of a box fan. Fine dust particles from sanding and sawing will be drawn into the filter by the vacuum created by the fan. Also cool for a chicken coop

Mans Cave - Home Workshop

Mans Cave - Home Workshop, This is a basement workshop that I designed and built on my own. I enjoyed creating the "mans cave" by looking .

You’ll love this high-wire act. Keep your extension cord out of the way with a clothes line, and shower curtain rings.

Keep your extension cord out of the way with a clothes line, and shower curtain rings. Wood Magazine Shop Tip of the Day

Adding functionality to the garage without sacrificing floor space.

Clever Ideas for a Super Organized Garage - This folding workbench from Bench Solutions is a great way to add a workspace to a garage without a lot of extra space.

❧ 10 X 14 basement workshop

My 10 X 14 Basement Workshop

Having only a very small workspace has forced me to organize my space. The slat system on the walls allows me to move tools out of the way when not being used or .

storage shelves and shelving systems for garage

20 Garage Wall Storage Ideas, Space Organization with Storage Shelves and Racks

Wall shelving units, made out of plastic or wooden shelves and built-in storage cabinets can be combined with storage furniture on wheels to improve garage functionality. The choice of the garage s…