This relationship goes beyond dysfunctional.  WAY beyond.  (She tried to kill him in her debut episode.  That's why it's funny.)

Poison Ivy & Two-Face : Batman the animated Series episode: Almost Got 'I'm. Love how the game was continued in Batman Beyond.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, that's how you get asshole guys to leave you alone!!

I Really Want To See A Movie Involving These Two

This is the first time I would agree with the Joker.

Even The Joker has his limits…

The Joker has his limits // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Static Shock knew how to pull off a good cross-over!

Static Shock knew how to pull off a good cross-over! <-- lol, i would definitely watch more of that. i love how bruce encourages the humor, because i really think that's how he would be<--Conroy always NAILS Batman

Living Lines Library: Batman (TV Series 1992–1995) - Storyboards

The Art and Animation of Kurt Hartfelder: Batman: The Animated Series Storyboards

Two New Batman Animated Movies Have Been Announced

New Batman Animated Movies Announced

and DC have announced two new upcoming Batman animated movies, as well as another Justice League animation feature.

The Bat Blog | longlivethebat-universe: Batman the Animated...

6 color screen print on Cougar Natural paper 12 x 36 inches Hand-numbered edition of 225 Officially licensed by Warner Bros.

Batman Harley Quinn Joker gender bend roles whoa mamma cute hitchhiker yoo hoo

joker and harley quinn funny ^^^ Damn, Joker! What brand of moisturizer and razors do you use?

The evolution of The Joker through all of his appearances in comics, TV, and movies over the years. Let's see if it puts a smile on that face.

Infographic: The Evolution of The Joker in Comics, Television, and Film

Batman: The Animated Series - Beware The Grey Ghost by Phantom City Creative – Mondo

Phantom City Creative for Mondo Batman Animated Series "Beware the Gray Ghost"

Wonder Woman in Batman #39

Wonder Woman in Batman #39

Batman the Animated Series. My favorite Batman show ever!

Batman the Animated Series. My favorite Batman show ever! and the original and first batman TV series that brought new characters that where not even in the comics like Bane and Harley Quin into and the TV show was loved by many fans of DC comics.