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NaNaNaNaNa.... FUCK

It's fun and entertaining to watch our favorite superheroes put on their capes and save the day, but it's more hilarious to see what they do during their free time. Check out how they prank each other in this comics by dragonarte.

scooby doo quotes | Scooby Doo meets Batman & Robin. | Hilarious Photos and Quotes

Fresh bat milk is always the best. Now that I think about it, why is Batman blindfolding everybody? this boggles my mind.

Paper Roll Batman and Robin

Paper Roll Batman and Robin

Make some cute Batman and Robin characters from the Lego Batman movie. All you need to make them is paint, felt and cardboard tubes!

Batman and Robin Friendship Necklaces or by CharmingClayCreation, £10.00

Batman and Robin Friendship Necklaces or Magnets! ♦ This Necklace is available as friendship necklaces, magnets or key rings!

Batman wall art, set of 3 PRINTS, brother quote, robin wall decor, shipped to your door

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DIY Superhero Custome Ideas for Kids  Tags: DIY Superhero Custome Sons | Easy DIY Superhero Custome | Simple DIY Superhero Custome | Homemade Superhero Custome

12+ DIY Superhero Costume Ideas for Kids

Robin Superhero Baby Outfit with Detachable Satin Cape and Reversible Mask, Batman and Robin Super Hero Apparel or Costume op Etsy, €

These 10 inch by 10 inch pillows are the perfect size for snuggling or for decorating a superhero themed room.    They are made from cotton

Cojines inspirados en batman, robin y el joker - Batman, Robin and the Joker inspired decorative pillow set

These Creepy Batman & Joker Gifs Will Keep You Up At Night - UltraLinx

These Creepy Batman & Joker Gifs Will Keep You Up At Night

A nice set of Batman and Joker animated GIFs made by ABVH from the illustrations by Greg Capullo and Patrick Gleason. Animated GIFs that further increase the

Superheroes’ Part Time Jobs   I don't think Iron Man needs a job either, Batman.

Superheroes’ Part Time Jobs

Super heroes and their part time jobs. Don't see how Darth Vader is a hero/superhero, or Robin but okay.