Learning to handle my heart problems

I am beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws. All together I'm a beautiful disaster. Great quote- not sure about this as a tattoo though.

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Beautiful disaster, perfectly love, imperfect hate, Love this but instead of that phrase have it say Underneath we are all the same

She's a mess of gorgeous chaos, and you can see it in her eyes- i think I want this tattooed on me

She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos. You can see it in her eyes. Pasted smile, nervous laugh, a tangled web of truth and lies. Her once concieded thoughts wander through life and death and wander through regrets past time {.

Also a tattoo of mine :) I am completely ADHD and my mind is always in a million places at a million times but somehow I find time to slow down and enjoy the things that really count too :) I think there is something beautiful about all my choas

if you want creative envelopes, go to Maps, map the route from your letter to the other persons mailbox. Print them up, fold them into 8 by 11 envelopes

I kind of like the idea of this being a tattoo...or perhaps beautiful disaster...

Beauty is not just on the outside.but on the inside too (and sometimes that’s where all the chaos really is)!

Get as close as possible get inside me

-She said "don't get too close. It's dark inside. It's where my demons hide." -And I answered. "Get too close, there is a hell inside of me, it's where your demons can live." - Imagine Dragons “Demons” (first line) second line unknown.