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Funny birthday ecards are the best way to wish someone for his/her birthday. Sending funny birthday ecards can be good idea. Funny birthday ecards will make the moments even more delightful.

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Free and Funny Birthday Ecard: In another part of the world, it's customary to send birthday wishes a day after the person's birthday.

Sometimes you need a friend who'll remember your birthday...& sometimes you need a friend at 3am to help hide the body. We both know which one I am. Happy belated birthday!

Free, Birthday Ecard: Sometimes you need a friend who'll remember your birthday.& sometimes you need a friend at to help hide the body.

Oh No!! Happy Belated Birthday Card. You could have sworn you wrote it down or set a reminder, but whoops! Someone's birthday came and went, and you didn't get the chance to acknowledge it on the day. It's an easy mistake to make, especially when we're all so busy these days. And as our moms always told us, it's the thought that counts. So let a special someone know that they are in your thoughts and give them a smile with this quirky birthday card for belated wishes.

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Sensitive and Late Belated Funny Birthday Card

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