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1 year old standard Bernedoodle. If I get a place that allows dogs 🐶 I'm getting this!

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Havanese – Intelligent and Funny – Pup Home

Otto the Bernedoodle                                                       …

Poodles – Smart Active and Proud – Pup Home

Otto the Bernedoodle I had NO idea these types of dogs existed! The Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with the Poodle.

my future bernadoodle, Bartlett

The Bernedoodle is a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. This hybrid fuses the virtues of its parent breeds – the cleverness of the poodle

Rocky Mt Bernedoodles - Home

We produce a limited quantity of puppies each year and employ a waitlist for those who desire a Bernedoodle from Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles.

Mini Saint Berdoodle- I think I might want one! designer dog or not

Look at that face! Miniature Saint Berdoodle Who would have thought of this mix but he is stunningly beautiful.

Ontario Breeder of Bernedoodle (Bernesedoodle/ Bernese Mountain doodle) --- okay @Elizabeth Tassone  I found another pup for you guys, I mean really, that face.

Ontario Breeder of Bernedoodle (Bernesedoodle/ Bernese Mountain doodle) Puppies ohhh man!

Bernerdoodle---Have spent the whole day searching the internet for a goldendoodle in the 3 different states, maybe I didn't find one because I should be looking for one of these instead!!

Mohr-Over Kennels: Official website. Quality breeders of Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Miniature Bernedoodles and Miniature Golden Doodles.