Handmande by Lithuania's StudioImpossibilis, this leather bicycle bag fits into the V-shaped opening in the center of most bicycles. It's leakproof and durable, and weathering just makes it look better. Contact seller for size specs.

Handmade Leather Bicycle Bag Neat concept to play with, lots of biking to class, I can see college students liking this.

Beautiful bag, but none of my bikes have a horizontal top tube...(Retrovelo Bike Frame Bag)

Retrovelo Bike Frame Bag

This is a frame bag for your lunch box or laptop. Who says that bicycle bags always have to look like … bicycle bags? This briefcase style leather bag attached to your frame and has room for a laptop and other work essentials.

This leather bicycle bag is hand-made from natural leather with very simple design, comfy to carry small necessities during your bike journeys.

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something for the bike to hold your keys or change pouch.

Take a Hambone Along for the Ride

(Image: NY Times As the world becomes a more perfect place, where elephant landmine victims walk again, streetsigns are best used as jewelry, and coal plants get the royal STFU, we& gonna need more handy little things like the VeloPocket.

Versatile handmade backpack for daily use as a backpack, tote bag or as a bicycle pannier.

€ Versatile backpack for daily use, rolling closure that allows adjustment to the content. To use as a backpack or as a pannier on your bike.