How to make decorations from bike parts.

In Stock - Steampunk Gear Christmas Ornaments - Set of 8 This unique set of Christmas ornaments was made with the steampunk enthusiast in mind. Whether you do your whole tree in a steampunk theme or.

Anatomy of a bicycle, in a lovely print by Antony Oram. Pair with this illustrated vintage bike safety manual and the brief history of the p...

Anatomía en dos ruedas (I LAB YOU)

anthonyoram - Welcome to the design playground of Anthony Oram, eyes right for limited editions screen prints, eyes above for the different ranges.All designs ©Anthony Oram Oram is a member of A©IDAnthony Oram LtdCo.

Bicycle part lamp--use a bicycle wheel as the frame for the oyster shell chandelier.

20 Ideas To Help You Repurpose Your Old Bicycle

Se oltre allo yoga amate anche andare in bici, ma la vostra ormai è troppo…

Lamps from bike parts. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

I Reuse Old Bicycle Parts To Make Unique Lamps

I am a London-born artist and designer based in Berlin, where I was inspired to build a series of upcycled lamps made of old dejected bicycles parts.

The True Anatomy of a Bike

The True Anatomy of a Bike

First I thought, woah, nice exploded bike diagram, then I started reading it and I laughed a little. It was aqua flippers that caught my attention.

Bicycle parts desk lamp by Bespoke Spokes  | Please subscribe to my weekly newsletter at !#upcycle

Bicycle parts desk lamp by Bespoke Spokes

Joe Goldstein, founder of Etsy shop 'Bespoke Spokes', designed an amazing and unique desk lamp made out of discarded bicycle parts.

Phillips Collections Bicycle Collection is made of recycle bicycle parts.                                                                                                                                                     More

This photo provided by Phillips Collection shows The Bicycle Collection, created by upcycling discarded bicycle rims, pedals and frames. The result are rustic yet sophisticated designs that are instantly recognizable as repurposed. The Bicycle Screen

Christmas decorations made from bicycle parts

This year we have decided to try and recycle as much of our Christmas as possible in the McC household. No that doesn’t mean anything as grand as eating leftovers instead of turkey or anythi…

Bicycle part lamps by ilmecca produzioni #Bicycle, #Bike, #Parts

Bicycle Part Lamps by Ilmecca Produzioni

Bicycle part lamps by ilmecca produzioni in lights bike friends with parts Bike bicycle

Bicycle Parts lamp #recycled #steampunk #bike For more great pics, follow

Bicycle Industrial Table Lamp

Holiday Wreath, Bicycle Parts, Recycled Christmas Decor, Christmas Wreath, Upcycled Winter Decoration

Holiday Wreath, Bicycle Parts, Recycled Christmas Decor, Christmas Wreath, Upcycled Winter Decoration

These hand made cycling wall plaques feature a cyclist / time trialist / triathlete and have been made by me from recycled bicycle parts and recycled pallet wood. The plaques are made from recycled bicycle chain, bicycle gears and wheel spokes mounted on recycled pallet wood. Each one is approx 18cm long x 9cm wide x 2.5cm deep.  The plaques are available in a variety of finishes including the following stock finishes: Natural Brown Wood or Light Pine Wood Chalk Painted and distress...

Cycling Gift Cycling Art Wall Plaque Gift for Cyclist Upcycled Recyled Bicycle Parts Bicycle Chain Pallet Wood Steampunk Art Unique Gift